How should I store potatoes?

  • Potatoes last many months if stored in a cool (6-10oC), dark, dry place (not in plastic)
  • Rinse or brush off any soil before cooking
  • Cool quickly after cooking
  • Remove any foil before refrigerating
  • Eat cooked potatoes within three to four days


Why should I keep the skin on?

A potato’s skin is rich in key nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C. More than 50% can be lost when the skin is peeled. Leaving the skin on potatoes not only provides more nutrients but makes them quick and easy to prepare.


What’s so good about coloured potatoes?

Coloured potatoes contain antioxidants and carotenoids which can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.


What’s the best way to cook potatoes?

For best nutritional value, steam or microwave potatoes and they will reward you with valuable nutrients.


Why should I eat cooked and cooled potatoes?

This process promotes resistant starch. You can also reheat the cooled potatoes if you wish.


What is resistant starch?

Unlike some other starches, resistant starch passes into the large intestine to be fermented by bacteria. Once there, starch fermentation produces health-promoting metabolites including butyrate, which is important for gut health. It fuels intestinal cells and helps keep the gut cell barrier intact, ultimately triggering the release of molecules that reduce inflammation and control appetite.


Why is resistant starch important?

Resistant starch is great for gut health. The health benefits of resistant starch continue to be investigated, but research has confirmed a clear association between resistant starch intake and gut health, blood glucose control and satiety.